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Imagen1 Marta-Biografia marta

  • Born in Madrid the 18 - nov - 1956.
  • Architect and Urban Designer at the School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Madrid, 1987.
  • Lives two years in Toronto, Canada, 1980 - 1982.
  • Obtains the grant for research to develope the PhD, 2009.
  • Advance Research Studies Diploma in the Department of Architectural Projects at the School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Madrid, 2009.
  • PhD currently in progress.
  • Attends for five years at the Painting Department of the Fine Arts School of Madrid, 2002 - 2007.
  • Happy to share my latest poem published at TROQUEL Magazine.




Collective exhibition painting photography and sculture


Navacerrada         Exposicion colectiva pintura fotografia y ecultura

  • The Mayte Spínola Museum in Marmolejo acquires a work by the painter and architect.


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  • Without Borders. First Fair of Solidarity Art with the Refugees. 

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  • Delivery of the Gold Medal for Work Merit to the MEDYR Clinic September 2017 





  • International Painting Symposium on Patras Grecia August 2017 



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    • Collective exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico, EEUU, 2016.
    • Exhibition at Kursaal, Donostia-San Sebastian, 2016.
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  •  Exhibition, 2015. 


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DSC 3079 IMG 0366   About the exhibition May-July 2015, by Julia Sáez-Angulo iconoSobreExpo2015


  • Project and design the Aix fan series, 2012.
  • Collective exhibition at BAT Gallery, 2011.
  • Edition of the book "Images at Aix-en-Provence Markets: the Garlics", 2011.
  • Performances project "Rothko's catharsis"
  • Summer course of Complutense University "The doctor's evaluation", El Escorial, Madrid, 2011.
  • Design and execution of the 3rd Meeting with the Art "The Jazz Music", celebrating the MEDYR Clinic 10th anniversary, 2011.
  • Attending the international congress “Ideas in rush. Aby Warburg's Theory", Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, 2011.
  • Design and execution of the 2nd Meeting with the Literature "Don Quijote", The MEDYR Clinic, 2011. 
  • Editing the picture book "Fissures", 2010.
  • Attending the conference presentación "ATLAS MNEMOSYNE", Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, 2010.
  • Design and execution of the 1st Meeting with Art "The Painting". Prado Museum, MEDYR Clinic, Madrid 2010.
  • Collective exhibition "Artists & Nature", El Plantio, Madrid, 2010.
  • Editing the picture book "A Paris market: the mushrooms", 2010.
  • Design and publish the poster "Meetings between Giant Crystals and Stars", Ontalba, 2010.
  • Project and design the "Madrid" series of fans, 2010.
  • Design and publish the poster "Meetings on the 3rd Fase with Darwin", Ontalba, 2009.
  • Editing the picture book "Tribute to Ernesto Bitetti in the Madrid Casino", 2009.
  • Collective exhibition Art Space SIDCAN o.n.g., Madrid, 2009.
  • Reprint of her poetry book “Silfo” 2009.
  • Editing the book "About... butterflies", 2009.
  • Editing the video "The senses", 2009.
  • Printing the research work “A Vigilant Promenade” (“Un recorrido vigilante”) 2008.
  • Finalist painting at the 17th Edition of the Adaja National Painting Price – Caja de Avila 2007.

cuadro seleccionado

    • Collective exhibition Artexpo – N.Y.C. (USA) 2007.
    • Collective exhibition Alpexpo – Grenoble (France) 2007.
    • Collective exhibition Brescia Montichiari– Brescia (Italy) 2006.
    • Collective exhibition Puro Arte – Vigo (Spain) 2006.
    • Collective exhibition Artenime – Nimes (France) 2006.
    • Collective exhibition Art Salzburg – Salzburg (Austria) 2006.
    • Individual exhibition in the Gaudi Gallery, Madrid 2006.
    • Collaboration in the design of the Mercedes Vito car, The Central Design Headquarters in Munich 2002.
    • Project and design the MEDYR Clinic, Madrid 2001. 
    • Starts a research study in the “universe of colours”, from the expressionism till the abstraction under the Rothko’s influence, 1999.
    • Restoration of a single-family house from the 18th century in Santorcaz, Madrid 1999-1998.
    • Editing the poetry and paintings book “Silfo” 1998.
    • Design of the Special Edition of the Ciencia Ginekologika magazin cover, 1996.


  • Individual painting exhibition Porto (Portugal) in 1996.
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  • First individual exhibition in Madrid, Alberto Sanchez Center, under the influences of Morandi, Modigliani and Matisse, 1994.     

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    mujer-03 mujer-02 mujer-04 mujer-05 mujer-06


  • Restoration and design of a single-family house in Madrid.
  • Remodeling project of a single-family house in El Escorial, Madrid.


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  • Restoration and design of the old stained glasses of the Chapel of San Fausto in The Church of the Birth of our Lady in Mejorada del Campo (17th century) Madrid 1991-1992.      
  • Projects of branches of Caja Madrid in different Spanish cities.
cuadro seleccionado5 Proyecto Fin de Carrera-02 Proyecto Fin de Carrera-03 Proyecto Fin de Carrera-04 Proyecto Fin de Carrera-05
  • Presentation of the Final Degree Project “The Game of Death” (“El Juego de la Muerte”) at the Yale University in Boston, SUA 1989.      
  • Project and construction of a single-family house in Majadahonda. Madrid.
  • Remodeling project of a single-family house in El Plantio, Madrid.
  • Collaboration in the restoration of the Royal Convent of Saint Ann (13th century) in Avila 1988.
  • Presentation of the Final Degree Project at E.T.S.A.M. 1987.
  • Collective exhibition “Around the Words” (“Alrededor de las Palabras”) 1978
  • Publishes her first poetry book “Voice the in Silence” (“Voz en el Silencio”) 1978.
  • Writes and paints.
  • Born in Madrid in 1956.